Find funding for your ideas

Find funding for your ideas

There’s a lot of information on the internet for young entrepreneurs, and we get how hard it is to find the good stuff. We’re going to filter through it all for you, and highlight the best of it….every week! First up is funding. We understand that it’s something lots of you are after, and so here are our picks of the week…. 

Royal Holloway Entrepreneurs run funding competitions about three times a year- keep an eye on our website and newsletter. We also tell you about all the best funding opportunities available to students!  

Government grants are available from (great for information and support too)

Grants for social enterprises and charities are at and

Grants are available monthly at (make sure you check out their criteria for judging before you apply to boost your chances of winning)

Annual grants (over 20 prizes be won) can be found at (These grants are only available to students at six universities in the UK- the odds are in your favour with this one)

Annual grants are available at

If you need some advice on applications to any of the above please get in touch: