Generating cash for your passion, find out how!

This thursday we will hear from the founder of musical venture ‘ConcertLive,’ which enables fans all over the world to relive a concert experience with instant audio recordings of live gigs available within minutes of the last note being played. Hear James Perkins talk about how he has forged a career from his passion and be inspired to do the same. 
Thursday 20th October, from 6pm in Cafe Realto upstairs in the Student’s Union.

Concert Live was born in 2005 with the clear aim of bringing live music fans new & exciting ways to experience recorded live music. It was set up by school friends Adam Goodyer and James Perkins after a somewhat drunken late night disagreement over the last track played at a Massive Attack concert. Adam was adamant it was Unfinished Sympathy, James thought it was Blue Lines. It doesn’t matter who was right, the point is this got them thinking about reliving gigs and how great it would be to get the recording on the way out.

The very next day they sat down and decided they had to pursue it and began their mission to give live music fans the opportunity to take home high quality recordings of concerts they’ve been to minutes after the gig has finished.

Since then they have worked with some of the most influential bands and artists in the UK . They continue to push forward and there are already plans to expand operations into Europe as well as exciting new developments into the instant audio visual market.

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